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I love to entertain.  There is something so satisfying about giving people good food and a fun atmosphere to come together in. 

Over the years I have collected different items to help decorate my table.  I tend to be on the thrifty side, so I usually purchase items after holidays when they are on sale.  Now this means that I don’t always get what I was hoping for because they are sold out but, I do get really great deals.

When I first started decorating the table for parties it was pretty much just a tablecloth and flowers. Some of the basic things I have to start the decorating are jars, fake ivy, small river rocks. plain table runners, and a white table cloth.

Depending on the theme I will add lemons and limes, artichokes, or any other fruit or veggie that fits the theme.  I also like to cover my Amazon boxes with fancy paper to give height to the table or buffet.



Cloth napkins are one of the major things that help make my table pop.  They are also one of the items that I will pay full price for.  I started my collection with a tan collection that was on sale.  The store was going out of business and there where piles of them. After using those napkins at a party I realized what a difference they made and continued to add to my collection.


These blue striped napkins are great for the 4th of July, Summer BBQ’s, or any spring or summer party.




For such a long time I was killing myself trying to find enough vases for my flowers.  Then, one day I was just about to throw out a pickle jar when I noticed what a great design in had.  I save caper jars, pesto jars, and marinated artichoke jars.  Not only do I use them for flowers, I also use them to store my fresh herbs. They are small enough to fit in the fridge without taking up to much space. 

Using small jars means I can spread the flowers across the table, across the buffet table, and even in the bathroom.  They aren’t to high so you can see the people sitting on the other side of the table.   An added benefit is that you don’t have to buy as many flowers.  One or two bunches will fill 5 to 7 jars depending on the size.




I like to make labels for my appetizers and food.  I find this cuts down on me having to stand there and keep repeating what everything is or, even worse, relying on my husband to remember what things are.

They are fairly easy to make.  I usually head to the craft store and pick out some scrapbook paper.  Or more accurately, dig through my stash of paper that I buy when it is on sale.



I love to try and plan ahead when prepping the food and décor for a get together. I usually look for things that can be prepped the day before or made and can sit until party time.  I try really hard not to be tied to the oven when my friends and family arrive.



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