Here is the beginning of my holiday party decorations. I use the boxes to display appetizers, dinner items, and deserts. I like the different levels. They help put20131214-093039.jpg each item on display, and I could be wrong but I think it gives me a little more space to work with it. For the boxes I use anything I can find.  This time of year we receive a lot of items in the mail so I use the 20131214-093057.jpgshipping boxes. I have been known to use shoe boxes, boxes of cake mix stacked together.  Really anything sturdy will work. I will post pictures of the actual party next week.  As for the candles I have hot glued the same ribbon around the bottom as I have put on my display packages.  I have never had a problem with the ribbon on the candle, but still I would advise not leaving them unattended, just in case.