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9 October, 2013

Egg and Veggie Hash

Posted in : Breakfast, Make Ahead on by : Pamela Reynoso

So, I love a warm breakfast, but this isn’t always easy on a work day.  So I have come up with this fun little trick that lets my husband and I both eat well even when mornings are rushed.  I prep single serving breakfasts every once in a while as I am making dinner.  Then store each serving in a plastic bag or container.  In the morning I just grab a bag and pour it into a pan and add an egg, cover it and cook until the eggs it to my liking. I found this broccoli and carrot slaw at the local market.( I know, I know broccoli and carrots )I added some onion and cooked it up.Once it was cool  I added some frozen hash browns and ham. A little salt and pepper and was ready to go.20131009-153544.jpg