Sometimes when I entertain I don’t have enough vases for every table.  I saw this idea20131124-064805.jpg somewhere a long time ago and have used it every once in a while.  It is cheap and I can throw the cans away after if I want so I don’t have to fine storage for them.   I use any kind of can, sometimes I leave the labels on them if they are unique and go with my theme.  This picture is from a baby shower. I added ribbons and hung it on a door know.  I did not put water in the cans.  I used rice to keep the flowers in place.


Another trick I us is to dress up my vases that I just can seem to get clean.  Here I just put the vase in lunch bag and tied it with ribbons.  I have also but them in wrapping paper and tissue paper.  Cloth napkins or fabric scraps  are another great way to decorate.

I also really like using jars.  If you have ever really looked at your pickle jar you might see a a really 20131124-070430.jpglovely design hidden under the label. I save all different types. I like them because they are short and compact so everyone can see each other and I can leave them on the table during the meal.