I saw a picture of this on the internet and was so excited and then so sad because there was no recipe or description.  Just the yummy picture, so once again my poor husband became the guinea pig.  I decided to use prosciutto, the picture I saw was ham I believe, but I didn’t have any have. I will give you the basics but really anything goes I think.


I started by spraying a muffin tin with cooking spray and lining each one with procuitto. I like poached eggs the best so I cracked an egg into two and made a scrambled egg mixture for the others.

For the scrambled eggs I placed shreaded cheese in bottom of each one.  I then added some sauteed mushrooms. Anything could be added. Zucchini, bell peppers, onions, jalapeños. spinach.  I think anything you would like in an omlette would be great.  You can even go egg whites only.

20131123-103840.jpgFor the scramble:  Three eggs and a 1/4 cup cream mixed together. I added some pepper and dried mustard. Salt is not needed.  This made 4 cups.