Sorry I haven’t been posting lately.  I have been really sick for the last 5 weeks.  Nothing to worry about, I just couldn’t shake the bug that I picked up from my students.  It started in my throat, moved to my ears, and finally into a nasty eye infection. But enough about that.

While I was laying around eating take-out and frozen meals, I had some real cravings for hot dogs. I swear, my neighbors must have BBQ’ed them at least 3 times a week and the smell would float in through the window and drive me crazy. Once I was up and moving around it was the first thing I made.  As I was devouring my second hot dog ( I usually only have one) I started thinking about making a hot dog cookbook.

Here are a few of the ideas I have come up with so far.


Cuban Dog


Fried Egg, Hash Browns, and Bacon Dog


Jalapeño, Sour Cream, and Guacamole Dog