This soup, like a lot of the soups I make, is super easy to put together and it freezes wonderfully.  I think the hardest thing about making this soup is waiting for it to be ready.   I like to poach the chicken in the stock.  Not only is it a low fat way to cook the chicken, it keeps the chicken moist and fills it will flavor.

What You Need:

5 Cups Chicken Stock

2 Chopped Chicken Breasts

1 Cup Shredded Carrots

1 Chopped Parsnip

3 Chopped Celery Stocks

1 Cup Peas

1/2 Sliced Red Onion

What To Do:

Bring the chicken stock to a simmer. Add the chicken and simmer for 10 minutes.  Add the rest of the vegetables and continue to simmer for 30 minutes.