I always have such a hard time writing sandwich recipes.  I mean, who can’t make a sandwich?  My biggest problem with sandwiches is that I get in a rut and end up making the same thing for days.  I love looking at all types of recipes. Whenever I look at sandwich recipes I usually just look at the ingredients.  I am always tempted just to write down what is in my sandwiches and post it but my friends always get annoyed with me.

What You Need:

2 Slices Squaw Bread

1 Hard Boiled Egg

1 Slice Chopped Ham

2 teaspoon Mayo

1 teaspoon Mustard

1 Chopped Celery Stalk


Salt and Pepper


What To Do:

Mix the ham and egg together with the mustard and mayo. Stir in the celery and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.  Place the lettuce and ham mixture on the bread and enjoy.