These are an easy and yummy appetizer.  Perfect for an Italian dinner party. I have made these with both regular toast and with french bread that I toasted in the oven.

In the recipe below I just wrote toast.  This recipe with make about 30 crostini.  If you are using french bread you can toast it a few days before hand and store it in a zip lock bag.

What You Need:

1 Can Chopped Black Olives

1/2 Cup Chopped Red Onion

1/4 Cup Drained Peperoncini

6 oz Chopped Salami

8 oz. Cream Cheese


What To Do:

Toast the bread.  If you are using french bread you will want to toast them in the oven.  If you are using regular bread simple toast it in the toaster.   Toss the olives, onions, and Peperoncini  together in a bowl. Spread each toast with the cream cheese.  Place a few pieces of salami onto each toast and add a spoonful of the olive mixture on top.  Enjoy