When I first made this dish, I wasn’t sure about the vinegar. I had originally read a recipe where you marinade the ribs overnight in 8 cups of vinegar. I did it and they were great, but it seemed like such a waste of vinegar.  I then came up with this method.  Using only a few cups of vinegar, I was still able to get that flavor into the meat by using heat.

There will be those that say I am boiling my ribs, and in some ways I am, but the vinegar flavor combined with the BBQ sauce is a really wonderful flavor.  The vinegar also really helps to make the meat fall of the bone tender in no time.


If you don’t have a large cookie sheet with sides, you can always use a pot or pan as long as can go on the grill. This might mean you will need more vinegar.  The vinegar does not need to cover the ribs.  There should just be enough do that it doesn’t evaporate while on the grill.


What You Need:

1 Baby Back Ribs

3 Cup Distilled Vinegar

Salt and Pepper

BBQ Sauce

What You Need:

Take a large cookie sheet and cover it with tin foil.  Place the cookie sheet on the BBQ away from the direct heat.  Salt and pepper both sides of the ribs and place them on the cookie sheet, meet side down.  Pour vinegar into the pan and cover tightly with another piece of tin foil.   Light the grill and shut the cover. Cook for about one hour. Remove the ribs from the vinegar and place on direct heat. Brush on the BBQ sauce and cook until the BBQ sauce starts to caramelize.




Note: BBQ sauses are full of sugar and will burn quickly