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23 July, 2015

Potato and Sausage Scrambled Eggs with Cilantro and Salsa Verde

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The one major trick I have to make getting breakfast on the table is to prep the day or days before.  I always cook the entire package of sausage or bacon ahead of time and store it in the fridge for weekday use.  This way I can make almost any type of breakfast quickly.

I have timed myself a few times and I average about 10 minutes in the kitchen making or putting together breakfast.  I can usually get a quiche or casserole in in the oven before the toast is done.

This breakfast takes a few more minutes because of the potatoes.  If you are in a real hurry, you can always cook the potatoes ahead of time.  You can also cook the eggs in the microwave.  It takes about a minute an egg.

What You Need:

Olive Oil

4 Eggs

1/2 Cup Frozen Diced  Potatoes

4 Breakfast Sausage Links

Salt and Pepper


Salsa Verde

What To Do:

Heat the olive oil in a pan.  Scramble the eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper and set aside.  Remove the sausage form the casing and cook in the pan.  Add the potatoes and cook until they are golden brown.  Season with salt and paper.  Remove them from the pan.  Add a small amount more oil to the pan and cook the eggs.  Once the eggs are cooked to desired doneness place on the potatoes and top with cilantro and salsa.