This is the easies way to get great potatoes on the plate for dinner quickly.  Using the microwave to get the potatoes started makes this a quick side dish to throw together.  Make sure not to overcook the potatoes in the microwave.  They should just cooked almost underdone.  They will finish cooking in the pan.

The other great thing about these potatoes is that you can really use any seasoning or herbs you like.  Rosemary and Garlic, Thyme and Butter, or Parmesan Cheese would all work wonderfully with this strategy.

What You Need:


Cajun Seasoning

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

What To Do:

Pierce each potato with a knife and place in the microwave.  Cook on high for 2 minutes.  The potatoes should be soft, slightly underdone.  Let the potatoes cool foe about 10 minutes.  Slice the potatoes and sprinkle with the seasoning.  Heat the olive oil in a pan.  place the potatoes, seasoned side down, and cook until golden brown.  Turn potatoes over and cook another 3 minutes or so.