This meal has a few great make ahead tricks that I like to use.  First, I sometimes cook the pasta the day or days before hand.  This can be tricky, the pasta does tend to want to stick together. To help prevent this I slightly undercook the pasta and then rinse and dry it really well before I store it.  The second trick, which is the one that I actually use more often, is to make large batches so that I can have meals to freeze.

Wether I cook the pasta ahead of time or not, I always make enough for three meals.  I store two in throw away trays and freeze them for later use.  This is incredibly helpful on those busy weeknights.

What You Need:

1 Package Pasta Shells

3 Cups Cooked ChickenIMG_8003

2 Cups Cooked and Chopped Broccoli

2 Cups Alfrado Sauce


What To Do:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cook the pasta according to the package directions.   Mix the chicken and broccoli together. Stir into a cup of the alfrado sauce.  Smear a few tablespoons of the sauce in the bottom of an oven proof dish.  Stuff each shell with a spoonful of the chicken mixture and place in the dish.  ONce all the shells are stuffed and in the dish, spoon the remaining sauce over the top of the shells.  Bake in oven for about 20 minutes or until the shells are heated through.