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1 July, 2015

Turkey Club Wrap

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What I love about wraps is how easy they are to put together  and take with you.  I made these wraps for a boat party we were having.  I was able to put them together the night before, wrap them tightly with plastic wrap, and store them in the fridge until the next day.  The next morning I unwrapped then, cut them up, and plated them.  They stayed together beautifully, not to mention were a big hit.

I also made: Chicken Wing Wraps, BLT Wraps, and Ham and Cheese Wraps.

What You Need: ( for one wrap)


1 Tablespoon Cream Cheese

4 Slices Turkey

2 Strips Cooked Bacon

2 SlicesCheese

1 Large Leaf of Lettuce








What To Do:

Place a tortilla on a cutting board.  Spread one side of the tortilla  with cream cheese. On the other end of the tortilla spread out the over ingredients.  Starting from the non-cream cheese side, tightly roll up the tortilla.  Wrap tightly with plastic wrap and store in the fridge for at least an hour.   When you are ready to serve them, simply unwrap and slice into bit sized pieces.