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3 April, 2015

Deviled Eggs with Bacon and Agrugula

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I have always loved deviled eggs.  These eggs are so creamy thanks to the addition of the cream cheese.

What You Need:

12 Hard Boiled Eggs

1/3 Cup Mayo

1 Tablespoon Spicy Mustard

3 Tablespoons Cream Cheese

1/4 teaspoon Salt and Pepper

Cooked Bacon


1/4 teaspoon Smoked Paprika

What To Do:

Peel and slice the eggs. Remove the yolk and put in a bowl.  Add the mayo, mustard, room temperature cream cheese, salt and pepper and mix well.  Put the yolk mixture into a ziplock bag. It can be stored overnight at this point.  When ready to assemble, snip a small hole in the bottom corner of bag and pipe the mixture into the eggs.  Garnish with small pieces of bacon arugula. Sprinkle with smoked paprika and enjoy.