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13 February, 2015

Crunchy Chicken Wrap

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Wraps are one of my favorite go to meals or snacks. I really love that they can be made days ahead of time ( depending on what you put in them), they are easy to pack and easy to eat on the run.  The trick to make them look nice when cut is to spread out the ingredients.  Make sure to leave about half of the tortilla free.  The  filling will move as you roll it up and you want to make sure that there is enough cream cheese showing to seal the edges.


What You Need:IMG_6862

Flour Tortilla

Cream Cheese

Frozen Breaded Chicken

Grated Cheddar Cheese

Chopped Onion


Hot Sauce

What To Do:

Spread about a tablespoon of cream cheese on each tortilla. Place two slices of lettuce on each tortilla.  Add the chicken, cheese, onion, and hot sauce to the other half of the tortilla.  Roll tightly making sure that the cream cheese securely seals the ends.  Wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a few hours of over night.