I recently had a party and was trying to think of something everyone liked, but that was different and could be made ahead.  I decided on deviled eggs.  But I wanted a twist. After looking at many different pictures and recipes I came up with these.  I was able to make them ahead so that I won’t miss a minutes of my party.


I  hard boiled the eggs 5 days ahead. I added a splash of white vinegar to help get the shells off and I wedged them into the pot with the fat side up so that they would have a flat bottom.

I pealed the eggs 3 days later. There were 48 so  it took time . The bottoms were perfectly flat.

Capers and Chives

I cut the eggs through the middle, not the traditional way,and removed the yokes. The next day I  mixed them up with basic deviled eggs mix (mayo, mustard, salt and pepper) and I added goat cheese.

 I left the mix in a tupperware and put the egg whites into a plastic bag.

The morning of the party I assembled all the eggs, covered them with a damp paper towel and left them in the fridge until the guest arrived.