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15 November, 2013


Posted in : Make Ahead, Party Ideas, The Basics on by : Pamela Reynoso

I really love onions. Unfortunately, my husband does not.  I really feel that they add a lot of flavor and depth to my dishes. My husband, while he can tolerate them  when they are cooked in dishes and I leave then in big enough pieces so he can pick them out, he has a hard time with them raw.  I know he is not the only one that does so when we have company I have a few tricks to make everyone happy.20131118-154443.jpg

I always buy sweet onions.  They cost a little more but they seem to be less pungent. When I put them in salads I first slice them up  a day or two before and them place them in a container and add some of the salad dressing that I am going to use in the salad on them.  Not a creamy dressing, something vinegary.  This really takes away some of the bit.  The onions still have a wonderful flavor but the don’t infiltrate the other ingredients in the salad.