Quesadillas are great for lunch, dinner, and even as an appetizer.  I always cook all the sausage or bacon in the package when I make breakfast (usually only on Sundays). We could never eat that much but I figure if I am going to dirty the pan I might as well cook it all. It is nice to have on hand for quick weekday breakfasts, quick pasta meals, and of course quesadillas.


 I am not giving amounts on this recipe. My husband loves tons of bacon and I love tons of jalapeños.  I spread the ingredients evenly over the whole tortilla and use about a handful of cheese. The tablespoon of butter is for one quesadilla. You can always use cooking spray to cut out a few calories and some cholesterol. 

 What You Need:


Cooked Bacon

Pickled Jalapeños

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 Tablespoon Butter


What To Do:  Melt the Butter in a non-stick pan. Place the tortilla in the pan and pile on  everything else.  Turn the heat to about medium and cook until the tortilla is crispy and the cheese melts.  If the tortilla gets brown and crispy before the cheese melts and the filling gets warmed through, fold the tortilla over and turn the heat down to low.