These are another big hit at parties.  They are easy and inexpensive to make.  And again, I can do all the prep days before.  I also like that this sandwich/appetizers 20131103-082504.jpgshares some of the same ingredients as other appetizers, such as my Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich, so there is less prep and things to remember to pick up at the market. I also think that it helps insure that each item I serve will complement each other, not to mention the wines I serve.  The spread for this one is easier that easy!  Just chop up some chives and mix into cream cheese.  And yes, it can be made a day or two ahead. This spread is another one that I like to have for breakfast on toast.

 What you need:  

White bread

cream cheese



fresh dill

salt and pepper to taste.  

I didn’t give amounts for this recipe because I find that this one is more based on you own personal taste. I love chives so I use a lot of them, but they are oniony so not everyone appreciates that.  It also depends on how big the party is going to be.  So have fun with it. Again I make the spread a day or two ahead of time. Then about an hour before everyone arrives I assemble.