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9 October, 2014

Jars as Vases

Posted in : Decorations, Party Ideas on by : Pamela Reynoso

One of my little tricks for flower vases is to use old jars.  I was having a hard time finding shorter jars that were inexpensive when I looked at the pickle jar I was about to recycle. It is a really cute jar.


I cleaned out the jar and soaked of the label.  It was only after I had collected 3 in a very short time that I realized how many pickles I actually eat! At least the label on these says they don’t have any calories. 


I have since started collecting any small empty jar that catches my eye.  There really are a lot of cut jars out there.  I like that they are low down. I tend to put 3 to 5 small faces across the table.   This makes now bunch of flowers go a long way and it still lets everyone see each other.  One of the best parts is that I don’t keep them long.  Oh, there are a few, like the pickle jars that I hold on to, but usually I collect them for a party or gathering and then recycle most of them. This saves so much space in my cabinets.