This was such a hit! Cherry tomatoes stuffed with bacon, lettuce and mayo.  Super cute and fun to eat. IMG_3123

 I sliced the top off of each tomato and scooped out the middle.  I then cut a very small slice of the bottom so that they would stand up straight. I then placed them face down on a paper towel so that some of the liquid would drain out of them.


I wanted to give the mayonnaise a little something more that the traditional BLT so I grabbed a few tablespoons of mayo and place it into a plastic bag with 1 clove of crushed garlic the night before. Once I was ready to add the mayo to my tomatoes I cut a small whole I the bottom corner so I could pipe out a small amount in a controlled manner.


About an hour before the party I salted the inside of each tomato. I squeezed some mayo into the bottom of the tomatoes and stuffed them with lettuce and bacon. I topped them with a little more mayo for decoration and sprinkled some pepper on the top.

What You Need:

Cherry Tomatoes

Garlic Mayo

Cooked Bacon


Salt and Pepper

What To Do:

Slice the stem side of the tomato off.  With a spoon, carefully scrap out the insides of the tomatoes and place them cut side down on a paper towel to drain.  ( This can be done the day before).  Turn the tomatoes right side up and sprinkle the insides with salt and pepper. squeeze a small amount of the garlic mayo in the bottom of each tomato.  Place a piece of bacon and some lettuce in each tomato and top with a little more mayo.