I saw these decorations years ago. I wish I could remember where. But anyway, these blown out eggs with butterflies are adorable!  I will say that it did take some time.  I didn’t do all the eggs at the same time because I was using them for our breakfasts.  With the white eggs that I had I made a small hole in both sides to the egg. I stuck a toothpick in on hole to break up the yolk and then blew out the white and yolk into a bowl.  I then died the eggs with just like I would if they had been hard boiled. Once they were a nice color I set them on a cooling rack to dry completely.


Once I had blown out the eggs I made omelets. No need to waste the egg. While the eggs were drying I headed to the craft store to get ivy, butterfly stickers and some small fake flowers.  You could always use real flowers but I figure if I am going to go to all this trouble I am going to use them again next year.


For the butterflies I stuck the sticker onto card stock and cut it out. I then stuck an identical butterfly on the other side.  A little hot glue and I was set. For the pots I stuffed them with newspaper, Hot glued the ivy and flowers around the outside and then glued the eggs into the middle.