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3 July, 2015

Skewers Anyone?

Posted in : Appetizers on by : Pamela Reynoso


I just love to entertain! And I love Snacks!


These two appetizers are easy to prep ahead and to assemble.  On the left, prosciutto wrapped around mozzarella with a basil leaf and an oven dried tomato. On the right, I found a pesto chicken sausage at the store and added an oven dried tomato to it.

What You Need:

Fresh Mozzarella BallsThese are always a hit!

Fresh Basil

Oven Dried Tomatoes



Basil Sausage

Oven Dried Tomatoes

What To Do:

For the Mozzarella skewers, wrap half a piece of prosciutto around the mozzarella. Add a folded piece of fresh basil and a oven dried tomato.

For the Sausage skewers, Slice the sausage into bite sized pieces and add an oven dried tomato.  A chuck of cheese might also be a nice addition to the sausage.