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17 March, 2014

Spinach Salad with Ham and Eggs

Posted in : Make Ahead, Salad on by : Pamela Reynoso

This is a nice use for that left over Easter ham.  It is really quick to throw together. The measurements for this are averages. I only added them because I have friends that really don’t feel comfortable winging it. I generally  make the salad as big as my appetite desires. For the dressing I use a simple Champaign  dressing. It’s the one that my mom always used but really any dressing would be great.What You Need:

1/2 Cup Diced Ham

1/2 CupChopped Bell Peppers

1/4 Cup Chopped Cucumber

1 Cup Spinach

Hard Boiled Egg

Champaign Dressing

What To Do: Mix all the veggies together add dressing and enjoy!

Make Ahead Tips:

I like to chop all the vegetables up and store them in individual  zip lock bags for easy use.  I also always have hard boiled eggs on hand. You  would be amazed how long they last in the fridge.