These are so quick and yummy!!  They literally took me that amount of time the oven needed to preheat plus the 20 minutes to cook.  You could make your cornbread from scratch…. I don’t have the time and I found a yummy cornbread mix at the little store on the corner that my husband loves. Once the cornbread is mixed together, spray your mini muffin tins with cooking spray, place a tablespoon of the batter in each tin and place a piece of hotdog in the center.  At this point I had 10 minutes to wait because my oven was still preheating.  Once the oven was ready I placed them in the oven and cooked them for 20 minutes.  I really kept an eye on them after 15 minutes to make sure that they wouldn’t burn.  I barely had them out of the oven and on the cooling rack before my husband had one in his mouth!!

I would say these were a hit and I will be serving them at our Super Bowl party!!