Cajun Shrimp Mac


Friday night we had Mac and Cheese party and watched the USC football game.   My sister and I

made three different and if I do say myself very yummy MAC’s.   The Cajun Shrimp, which my sister

made, was supper gooey and had a nice kick to it.




           Bacon and Jalapeño

We also had Bacon and Jalapeño Mac.  For this one

I used one jalapeño  for every cup of mac.  I added a few cups of Monterey Jack cheese and a can of cheddar cheese soup.( I know, I know, I never thought that I would cook with soup)  I add a little milk to the pan and the whole can of cheese. I like it better than the processed cheese because it is less salty.                                                                     Oh, and I almost forgot add lot and lots of bacon!   So good!




Keilbasa and Smoked Gouda

This mac is a drier type of mac. The smoked Gouda in this dish is so so good. It also has a touch of Worcestershire  and Dijon mustard. All in all the night was a hugh success. Can’t wait to do it again.