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Flattened Chicken

.   This was a childhood favorite of mine.  I had forgotten about it until, just recently, I made the Breaded Pork Tenderloin.  They have similar flavors and the technique is the same. The original recipe called for only an egg and flour. I have spiced this version up a little .  When I was little it […]


Peppercorn Steak Marinade

Sometimes the foods that seem the simplest to make cause me the most trouble. Steak is one of those things for me.  My husband loves this expensive steak house near us.  It is one of those places where everything is a la carte.  I have been trying to mimic the peppercorn sauce that they use […]


Tilapia Piccata

    My husband loves chicken piccata but we need to eat more fish so I took out the chicken and substituted fish. This turned out to be a lovely light dinner.  The Tilapia absorbed caper and lemon flavor beautifully.    I find that breading, or in this case flouring the meat or fish and […]


Spicy Salmon

  Salmon is such a quick fish to cook.  Actually, all fish is quick to cook.  I am guilty of regularly overcooking it.  I try to only flip the fish once.  As the fish cooks, you will be able to see the fish changing color on the sides. Once the fish has changed color about […]