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Gourmet Hot Dogs

  Sorry I haven’t been posting lately.  I have been really sick for the last 5 weeks.  Nothing to worry about, I just couldn’t shake the bug that I picked up from my students.  It started in my throat, moved to my ears, and finally into a nasty eye infection. But enough about that. While […]


My Lunch Box…..

.   Today’s lunch was yummy and simple to put together.  Cottage cheese, a soft taco, fruit, and a hard boiled egg.   I really like cottage cheese.  Lately I have been rinsing it off before using it.  I like to add lots of vegetables to my cottage cheese and I was finding that it […]

Lunch, Salad

My Lunch Box!

.         I recently read an article about these Shirataki noodles that have no carbs and only 20 calories for the whole package.  So, off I went to the market to see if I could find them.  They were located in the refrigerated section near the tofu in a bag of water. […]