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The Basics

Fresh Basil

I always enjoy fresh basil but I can never seem to get through it before it wilts. I would usually wrap it up in a damp paper towel and store it in a zip lock bag but it just didn’t seem to last.   So…What to do? I decided to treat them like cut flowers. […]

The Basics

Pasta Basics

Pasta can be a tricky thing to make. The key things to remember is that you need lots of water.I mean lots. If yo don’t the pasta won’t have room to move around and will stick together in a gluey mess. Another biggie is to add salt to the water once it has boiled. This […]

The Basics

Garlic Aioil

.         Aioli is flavored mayo.  I have made my own mayo from scratch before but found that I could just add crushed galic to store bought and have the same yummy flavor with out all the fuss. What you need: 1 cup mayo 3-5 crushed garlic cloves. The amount of garlic […]

The Basics

Spaghetti Sauce

.   I have yet to find a spaghetti sauce that I like.  They are either to sweet or have to much sodium in them.  My homemade sauce it easy to make and freezes nicely.  I store 1 cup servings in zip lock backs for easy use. 1 cup servings work for us because it […]

The Basics


Hamburger Basics   So there are some things that are basic in all our lives.  Things that we all eat and like. Hamburgers is one of those things.  My basic hamburger has a few extras in it to make them moist and tasty .  For the basics, I like to add an egg, bread crumbs, […]